Virtual environments

I’ve experimented in creating virtual environments in two ways so far; using Thinglink’s new 360 editor (a subscription browser-based tool), and creating a virtual version of the University’s research vessel using Articulate Storyline.

Highfield Valley Gardens (Thinglink 360)

I reviewed this tool whilst it was in its beta version earlier this year. You can read the review here.

Virtual R.V. Callista (Articulate Storyline)

I worked with Ocean and Earth Science staff and a media developer to storyboard and script the content for this resource. There are currently two versions undergoing user testing before being refined; one for outreach aimed at secondary school pupils and the other for first year undergraduates at the University. The functionality remains largely the same, but the text is changed for the appropriate audience. The version shown below is for schools (and is an early draft).